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We Have Helpful Staff

We only hire staff who have the right qualifications and a passion for what they do. Our team members will be there for you 24 hours in a day to help you on bathing, medication, dressing and other tasks.

Safe And Secure

We have put in place measures to ensure that our home is safe and secure for seniors. We have high standards that put our facility above the rest. We continually review our services and ask for feedback from our clients to know which areas we could improve.

We Have A Personalized Solution

We understand that the needs of our seniors may differ widely and this is why we ensure that we have a personalized solution. It doesn’t matter whether your loved is disabled or suffering from dementia, we will have a solution for them.

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Assisted living companies offer residential option for seniors who would like help to get on with their daily activities such as cooking, bathing, making appointments or even taking medications. Assisted living facilities are a good option for individuals who need personal care services that they cannot get at their home or even at the independent retirement community but they do not need the 24 hour medical care or nursing home supervision.

The Medicaid assisted living provides the security and safety of access to care as well as support on a 24 hour basis. Whether it is during the day or night, seniors can get help by just making a call but independence and privacy is encouraged. Any god facility should have a personalized plan that meets the needs of the seniors and accommodate their disability while providing them with the freedom to do whatever they want to do for themselves. In the United States every state has its own licensing requirement s for the assisted living homes.

When you should join us

If you are trying to determiner whether a senior assisted living is the right option for you, there are several assisted living requirements that you should consider. These include

  • Do you need assistance that friends and family cannot provide? If you are finding that daily activities are becoming overwhelming or stressful, you may need to get into an assisted living facility.

  • Are you feeling isolated or lonely? An active social life is an important ingredient in happiness and health. If you are alone most of the time, you will be at a high risk of depression. You will gain great benefits from the social aspect of our assisted living facility as we have a wide range of recreational and social activities. The environment in our community is also the right one for making new friends.

  • Are you worried about your safety? If you have a limited mobility that makes it difficult for you to get out of bed by yourself or you feel that you are at a high risk of falling, you should choose our assisted living home.

  • Do you find it difficult to move from one place to the other? If you are finding it difficult to drive from one place to another or if you are finding that public transportation is nopt convenient or easy, we can help you get to where you need without having to seek the help of your family or friends.



3 meals in a day at a common dining area

Bathing, dressing and eating assistance

Access to medical and health services

Exercise & wellness programs

Emergency call at every residents living space

Social & recreational activities

24-hour security


Laundry services

Housekeeping services

Signs That Your Loved Ones Needs Assisted Living

It can be difficult to tell whether your loved ones need help in assisted living homes. This is because most of them will not want to lose their independence and will therefore deny that they need help. However, there are signs that you can use to find out whether your loved in will need to check in an assisted living facility. These include

The refrigerator being filled with food that is spoilt or you find that your parent is losing weight. These could be signs that your parents aren’t eating well as they are finding it difficult to cook or shop.

Frequent bruises. While your loved one may try to cover these, it may be a sign of mobility or balance or falling problems.

The house or yard appearing neglected

elderly assisted living

Neglect of hygiene. When your loved one wears the same clothes over and over again, it may be an indication that doing laundry is actually becoming a problem.

Your loved one forgetting things. This could be important things such as taking medications or appointment with the doctor. This is usually as a result of memory loss.


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